Friday, June 29, 2012


I have perfected the pattern to my liking

I am now experimenting with a hat to match.  The weather here is still very cold the night before last it was -0.5 degrees and it doesn't get above 14degrees during the day.   Way too cold for me but the  
Winter solsticeThursday21 June 201209.09am EST

is a week past now and I think that each day gets longer and hopefully warmer.  The eternal optimist am I.

Quilting seems to have been put on the back burner at the moment, as I am experimenting with some ideas for Artist Trading Cards.  I have entered a Swap - Board Games Children Play.   I have some great ideas.  So long as I can put them into practice.   Watch this space.

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Banaghaisge said...

Oooh, lovely mitts! I have been making some too - my baby sister on the Sunshine Coast fell out of a car and broke both her wrists in early May (she was crawling out of the back after unclipping kid car seat, and hem of her jeans caught on the tow ball. Sober). Her wrists now need surgery cos they screwed up the casts (and she NURSES at that hospital!!) and are very painful. So I just made some long wristlet-mitts to keep her cosy. Also made some lairy ones for Andrew,to keep him warm in his office. Loving knitting! Are you on Ravelry? I am AuntieJappa on there. Of course! xxxx