Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yes its raining again and it has been so cold.  I know I am a night owl but before bed on Sunday night it was only 4.7 degrees.   Now that is cold.

But I have been busy.   Not sewing but trying my hand at other forms of Artist Trading Cards.   I have joined an online group.  But not feeling confident enough to trade yet I am making the swaps for myself as practice.

These are 4 of the Lovely Lady Theme

This is a photo of my Mother which I altered in PhotoImpact and added extras.

This is the back of the cards I make.

Today I have to sort through all the boxes in my sewing room ..... why ......    I have lost my mobile phone.   And yes I have tried ringing the number, but I think the battery must be flat.    Ah well that will maybe keep me inspired to put things away.   and I won't tell you what The Scot called me.


Barn Owl said...

Lovely way to show our Mother
She would be so proud of your work love to have a cup of tea with you and natter about the old days
Would be a laugh
Eily barn owl

Phil the Pom said...

Just a quickie to say did you see we beat the Windies this week, mind you i know thbey are not as strong as they used to be but a win is a win
Very nice the pictures of your mum well done and tell the scott no swearing just because you lost your mobile, i do it every day Tattybye

Barb said...

I was sure I had left a comment here during the week but as it's not here I will add this one to your list.

I like the way you have made the same image but added different embellishments to each one. The feather one is my fave of them all tho'.

Jules said...

These photo image enhancments are lovely! I just saw the one of myself - but now I have recovered from the shock a little ( so honoured to have my pic chosen ) I have scrolled down to catch up after our short holiday - and thes of your mum are lovely! Barn Owl is right, she would be very proud of your lovely work birdy. Always good and always with your own ideas used in a creative way.
Fantastic. xxxx