Friday, May 18, 2012


Yes it was one of those days today ....... The Scot was away for an early appointment so I was able to get the chores done quickly, a walk in the sun before lunch with my faithful Ipod shuffle which is full of walking music (that is brisk quick music which makes me walk faster.  
And so the rest of the day I was able to spend in the sewing room.

The Flowers Theme Postcards are soon due, this time I tried to be a little more artistic and although I am hopeless at drawing I think these are not too bad.    I drew the faint outline then used wax crayons, highlighted with felt ink pens finishing with glitter glue.   And used a fancy stitch from the Pfaff for the quilting.  Still a long way to go but well  pleased with this effort.


Lindi said...

Love them, Sheila. They will certainly bring cheer to the recipients. :)

Jules said...

Beautiful! What clever ideas you have. Years ago I used to copy pictures from chidren's painting books onto little wooden chairs etc( having first prepared the wood and emulsioned. Once outlined in pencil I would paint away and finish by outlining in darker colour. The finish was varnished and they were in great demand. These cards reminded me - happy days.x

Barn Owl said...

Love the postcards
You are clever barn owl