Sunday, May 27, 2012


Although my love is still embroidery and quilting, I find of late that my mind is going more towards the Altered Art.   I have dabbled a little before, but now it seems to have become more of a fixation.   I have joined two Yahoo Groups one international, and the other Australian which appears most friendly and helpful.  So I'm hoping to be showing more ATC's and Altered Art.

I am very keen on using PhotoImpact.   I do have a very old version but it works fine for me at the moment but who knows what I may buy in the future.

This is an ATC I have made.  I will be making two.   One for myself and

one to send to the lady in the photo.       She is a relative a sort of cousin (I know she will leave me a comment telling me exactly what type of cousin) but we call ourselves Chosen Sisters.   I left England 48 years ago and it must have been at least 10 before when I last saw her.   But this is how I remember her.   She loves singing and has the most beautiful voice.   We are varied in our interests but we email regularly and she is indeed a Chosen Sister.   Hope you like it Jules.


Barn Owl said...

You have done her well
She is a great lady

Enjoying the sunshine again
.waiting for the chef to arrive Home
For lunch
One of the besT

Jules said...

Awwwww birdy! ( And Barn Owl - your blood sister and another of my chosen sister's!) I am truly embarrassed in a lovely way but your comments - but WOW birdy you do me proud sis-by-choice! How lovely to have such a special enhancment of my pic! Oh those were the days ladies - waists and hair and posh frocks! I will email you privatly birdy now.
Overwhelmed of UK.xxxxx

Phil the Pom said...

Weather here hot hot hot.we are enjoying a very lovely spell of wall to wall sunshine temps above 20 every day, wonderful the gardens are looking great flowers bloom just a few days after planting out Cathy and Graham just back from holiday in Wales another cricket win today i am expecting whow and putting up the flags and bunting for our Queens diamond jubilee great things are happening whow the olc country is ALIVE tatty bye PTP