Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Not too much happening in my nick of the woods.

Lots of reading, and this is the 4th block of the Quilt.

I have now finished four blocks, but I think I will add more embroidery to the previous ones.   but will leave this decision until all blocks are complete.

On the design board so far,   not joined together tho.

And postie has been kind a book I ordered from The Book Depository.   Excellent company fast, good prices and most importantly, they don't charge shipping.

And I now have two Postcards for 'Color Wheel"

from Cynthia

from Thea


Judith said...

I love the colors for your quilt!
Judith, Texas

Phil yhe Pom said...

Love the have done, beautiful colours you are clever girl. still raining here ,since the hosepipe ban its been day after day, rain rain. our ressie is nearly full and the huge one at grfham water is full to why oh why a ban. its crazy. looking sunnier for the week/end. God bless from The
Poms, real cricket weather this, ha ha.happens every year me thinks.

Jules said...

Beautiful quilt again birdy - just love those colours as you know. The stitching is as ever the thing which sets it off and makes it special.
Glad you are keeping busy and reading too. xxxx

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - that quilt is just plain LOVELY! The embroidery adds even MORE. We are looking forward to spring/summer here! I'm staying busy with the usual. 8-))