Tuesday, May 15, 2012


bring forth May Flowers.

This is the lovely "Flower" themed Postcard from Cynthia.  Isn't it gorgeous and it makes one feel like smiling and singing just to look at it.   Thanks Cynthia.

Mine are in the process,  hope to show you them by the end of the week.

My mind is getting a little sidetracked at the moment with Artist Trading Cards.  No1 Son gave me some money for Mothers' Day, and I spent a little of it on some goodies from the Riot Art and Craft Shop, whilst The Scot was at the Eye Doctor having a field test etc.  He was most indignant as she told him he needed glasses to read the Road Signs.   He tells her of course he doesn't, and hence proceeded to lecture and demonstrate to me ALL THE WAY HOME by telling me every sign and name he could see.  I won't tell you what I said to him.  And of course he won't be buying the glasses!!!!!


Phil the Pom said...

Tut Tut Iwonder what u said?? not to complimentary i suspect, lovely card Tell Bill i have been wearing glasses THIRTY YEARS NOW THERE NOT SO BAD ONE SOON GETS USED TO THEM, we all felt we didn't need them when told BUT anno domini 's calls have to be answered??? cricket starts this Thursday versus the WINDIES I strongly expect to win the series quite comfortably, Yes its started raining thats cricket for you ???

Jules said...

Hahaha - poor Scot! If he doesn't do as he is told he might lose his license so that should resolve that argument!!! I do understand though poor chap!

Lovely PC you were sent. Mid May and we have rain, hail, thunder and frost - and a dash of sun but blink and you will miss it! Lot of mixed up flowers in bloom and very pretty against green grass. xx