Thursday, April 19, 2012


You maybe thought I had given up on hexies.  No definitely not, its just that sometimes Life seems to get rather complicated.   But at last here are two hexie flowers for this week.   These are two of the smaller variety for the centre of the quilt.  Placed on the originally intended black fabric.

The pattern is forming clearer in my mind now.  But I just find it hard to layout hexagons to colour in.

But on thinking (yes I can sometimes) a lighter background is needed.   Just to give an example

   So just watch this space.

Today, by the time I have finished this it is now Thursday  I was determined to finish a present, which was due yesterday (but he knows what its like to have a Mother who Quilts)
The plan was good, but the action was terrible.  Fabric intended just wasn't long enough and a join would have looked very out of place.  More found, well I do have enough 'stuff'.   But it appears to be shorter stuff than I need of late.   But found a lovely red star.  Three sides on, the last side cut too short.  Hey stop take a look..... umm don't like that so unpick.   Desperation have to find something or else go to a Patchwork shop, heaven forbid.    Ah  just the right red.    Its now looking good, quilting has been done, just putting the rod pocket on,    brrrr  S I L E N C E    the darn machine has jammed.   H E L P   The Scot is  planning errr sleeping on the patio but if I make him a nice cuppa maybe just maybe.     Yes he looked at it but then uggggggg      he's put it together wrong and I cant make the bobbin case fit.   He promises he will fix it in the morning (there is no chance he will do it there and then).   

So where are we,  ah    11.41 Thursday morning, the machine has been fixed and I will get the rod pocket and binding machine stitched and ready to finish hand stitching tonight.
Note to self ...............  I MUST open up the Tredle machine The Princess gave me.   An old Singer but I do believe they are good.

Sorry no photo of said present until it has been received, but it does look good, even if I say so myself.  If you manage to fathom out the sequence of the above events you think like me, if not .... well just think what my mind is like and have a kind thought for The Scot.

My vibes must be all topsy turvy, because the batteries on BOTH my cameras, plus my spare ones are DEAD.  Its could almost drive me to the bottle.  


Molly said...

No, No! Don't take to the bottle Birdy! Think how off-kilter your seams would be then!

Hilachas said...

Lovely flowers.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Gorgeous flowers

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Beautiful flowers! Pretty fabrics

Karen said...

So you have decided to go with a light background for your flowers?

Phil the pom said...

Phil the pom says like your hexes they look fine to my untrained eye
get "the scot" some added vitamins then he wont sleep so much Ha Ha
All our love from the poms we are getting OLYMPIC mad here now and preparing to enjoy the queens diamond jubilee "Along hot(we trust) summer ahead

Jules said...

Up and downs of a quilters life eh birdy? It does sound as though you have cracked the problems now, so full steam ahead - oh - and no hitting the bottle! As if!!! lol x

Jules said...

P.S. The flowers are beautiful and stand out well on the lighter fabric.

jillyヅ said...

Love the prints you are using for your flowers. Mine are coming along very slowly, but still at it like you.

blessings, jilly