Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am making a huge effort to stop procrastinating and actually finish something.
The good talking to that I gave myself actually worked. 

The present, I can't show you a photo until next week, as it was for No1Son and I don't want to spoil the surprise.   It takes about 7 days to travel to Taiwan from Australia.

And not only but also I finished my Postcards for March/April

The 4x6ers group has sadly been reduced to four, each of us chooses either a Theme or Technique in turn.  This time it was 'Color Wheel'.   I just couldn't think what to do.  I scribbled down a couple of ideas but nothing really seemed to click.  Then suddenly the light came on, as it often does with me.

I scanned a photo of a color wheel that the Scot kindly found for me from his photography days.  Then manipulated it in PhotoImpact.   Then I cut out the shape, ironed on and added some glitter glue.   A little different from what I usually do.  But I am trying to be more Arty.

As my handwriting is very much like a Doctors prescription, I printed the back

And if that didn't make my halo shine.... I then sorted out the large umbrella, it was raining cats and dogs and I actually walked to the local Post Office and they are now winging their way to The States.

I was remiss in not showing

Celebrate from Betsy

and Color Wheel from Cynthia

 Hopefully tomorrow I will get another gift finished, which is all ready just needing cutting, stitching together and finishing.


Phil the Pom said...

well done Iliked all the ones youand your penpal did great stuff well done thescot to see he is useful ikeep telling you so

Jules said...

Congratulations birdy! What a clever and productive lady you are!
Have you finished 'The Key to Northgate Place' yet? You nearly had so I guess it has been 'put to bed' now.
The colour wheel idea is great and the two you have received look lovely. Well done all of you who have managed to keep this idea going,