Thursday, April 26, 2012


You can't teach them.
Unfortunately I fall into that category.  As you know I like to stitch a lot of Redwork and one of my favourite Online Shops is    Bird Brain Designs.      In their Newsletter which I always scour diligently they offered a 'freebie' bag.  I liked this so ordered the tea towels.   The Dunroven House tea towels are far Superior to any I have found so I like to use them when possible.
But I digress the freebie can be found at Brenda's Tea Towel Bag
Tea Towels received, already had thread and I found a stitchery design that I had been meaning to do for a while.

And yesterday I made the bag.    Now I know at the best of times I am not very good at following the 'rooles'  but I seemed to get lost around the lining stage.
But all was not lost I just stitched the way I usually make bags but with apologies to Brenda.

I have to search for some new reading as I have just finished ....Year of Wonders~Geraldine Brooks.  Very unpredictable, very sad lots of tissues needed for this one.

and The Key to Kingsnorth Place~Andrew Godden.  Much lighter but nevertheless a very good read.   Also unpredictable.  But quite different I do hope he writes more and this was his first and was self published.
I am waiting the first week in May for my credits from Audible so that I can buy The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Marukami, recommended by Molly.  The reason I wait it is by far cheaper to buy with my monthly credit than the normal price.


Fiesta said...

Fabulous bag Sheila. I too love the dunroven towels the best.

Barn Owl said...

.looking good as usual

Eilythe barn owl

Jules said...

Lovely bag birdy. So pleased that you enjoyed Andrew's book - " The Key to Kingsnorth Place". (A really nice young man who lives next door to our eldest daughter!)

And how LOVELY to see Barn Owl back on track... :-)

Vickie said...

the bag is gorgeous ..well done...I too have a problem with rooles at times ,cheers Vickie