Tuesday, April 17, 2012


the Scot was fast asleep in bed, I had been in hospital for 4 days but the early hours of Thursday 17th things actually started to happen.

Was it worth the hours of pain.   Yes a thousand times Yes..
This is why

always a laughing happy considerate boy.

His wheels came early, although his licenced one had to wait until his 17th birthday.  But either way there was no stopping him.   We used to tease him that he travelled 100ks to buy a soft drink.  But did he have to travel so far from home.

Now teaching in Taiwan, a very courageous, adventuresome young man. 

An early morning telephone for Birthday Greetings and then quite a long chat on Messenger trying to catch up on his life.

Gosh it does make me feel old.

Anyway    Have a Happy Day No 1 Son.   I am very proud of You.


Molly said...

Happy Birthday Son of Birdy!

Phil the POM said...

Happy Birthday no 1 son travelling Phil yes he is a son to be proud of well done sis an d the scot i reckon had something to do with it, yes it does age one when you look at your children but we gave them life and they have to do there own thing and t TP as done well happy day love from the poms

pegsplace said...

Hello there Sheila,

Happy Birthday to your son and we have another thing in common....my son Michael's birthday is today! :)...Although he is just a little younger, 21 years old! We did not have the same delivery though, mine was fast, went in after lunch and he was born at suppertime! :)...we The Frenchman and I) read the paper and played cards and then went to the delivery room ;). I hope my Michael makes me as proud as your no.1 son.


Jules said...

Happy birthday to your No 1 son Philip, a man who is using his full potential in life. He has worked hard birdy and is now teaching others - well done that man - and well done his parents!


Anonymous said...

So not know if this will be accepted
happy Birthday Philip
love Eileen & Philip