Monday, April 30, 2012

I can now show you what I stitched for No1Son's birthday.   Present giving is very difficult now he is older.   Plus he lives in Taiwan.   So postage must be considered plus he still seems to have "the itchy feet" and moves around a lot.    I think he and his brother have lived in more houses that I have fingers.  Although the Middle Son is still in Australia.

But I digress as usual.   This is what I made him

He is familiar how to hang wall quilts, but I did suggest maybe he could just hang it over the back of a chair.   The label I made by printing on fabric the birthday photo I showed plus my name. 

Winter is approaching fast, to prove it,   it is only 3 degrees outside.   brrrr glad the electric blanket is on 3 and the Winter quilt is on the bed.


Jules said...

Oh - what a handsome and proud cockerel! For some reason I thought he was going to be in coloured materials - applique style, - but he is very regal and No 1 son will be very pleased with him. The red 'frame' is just right.
A bit nippy now for you at night birdy - for me too at 3c brr.
We have a log fire alight because it is very cold and VERY wet and windy in our part of UK. x

Molly said...

Lovely work Birdy as usual! Should I send you that pattern by post or try to give you simple directions by e-mail? If you've made bags before it's as easy as falling off a know how to do that too, right?!

Anonymous said...

Very. Good as usual


Phil the Pom said...

Wet wet wet here BUT we still are under drought rules with floods everywhere we live in a country with a crazy weather pattern, BUT summer is on its way (we hope) loved your cockerel that is the mighty Tottenham hotspur (MY TEAM) figurhead cock a doodle do great.