Saturday, April 07, 2012


however you celebrate.

Not a lot of interesting things happening in my part of the world.
The clocks have been put back an hour, which means an extra hours sleep but the daylight fades much more quickly.   I must admit tho I do love Summer Daytime Saving.   It also getter colder, yes for me it is cold I have put the heater on this morning.  And I guess its time to sort out the winter woollies and pack the t shirts away.

Not feeling on top of the world I haven't done very much sewing.  Managed the little beaded brooch which was a birthday present for my Sister by Choice in England.  I have another project on the way but she knows to be patient.

Its No1 Sons Birthday in two weeks time.  He is the one who appreciates my quilts, and often asks for small wallhangings.   But I have had this fabulous idea which I am frantically trying to finish for him.... can't show you as I know he reads my blog.

Reading has been great.  I re read Esme.  And I think I agree with Molly re the ending even tho I still think there is a minute chance that how I see it it could have happened.   I can't say more as its known as 'spoilers' you will just have to read it for yourself.    

Wendy then emailed me she had read Esme on my recommendation (and loved it)  but also gave me some other titles to consider

The Postmistress~Sarah Blake

an absolute Must Read
My sbc Jules in England, who is now reading Esme and by some chance coincidence her daughter is reading Esme,    then recommended  The Key to Kingsnorth Place by Andrew GoddenThis is a self published book.  Watch here for what I think of it but so far I like it very much.

Take care whatever you do this holiday weekend and Easter Greetings to You all.


Molly said...

Esme is getting a great airing by the sound of it! Did you also read After You'd Gone? Loved that too....Have seen "Postmistress" at the bookstore and been tempted. Now I'll just have to go and get it!

Happy Easter to you and The Scot!

AnitaS said...

I wish you a very happy Easter.

Iceni UK said...

Wishing you both a very happy from Isabellx

Jules said...

Esme a great read to keep the mind active - sad but often these events happened we know. Thanky you birdy, it certainly is most enjoyable. Also, am I not the lucky one mentioned who was spoilt on her birthday?!! The beautifully made little brooch much admired by friends and family.. It is lovely and means a lot to be given it. ((())) and xxxxxx and big smiles! Thank you so much birdy.J x

Jules said...

PS - I have actually finished reading "Esme" now and this book is as 'deep' as the reader wishes it to be. Clever author leaves much to the individual interpretation of the reader with the ending. Good book.

Phil the pom said...

hi there glqd to hear you are both well and kicking we have just completed a busy easter which was both rewarding and tiring but the weather has changed to rain for the next few days so we can stay home and rest or at least do some of our hobby work lots of love from us all in Blighty P&E

quiltmom said...

Hi Sheila,
I did enjoy the Postmistress. I am currently reading an author by the name of Karen White. I have read The Beach Trees, The Lost Hours and am currently reading Learning to breathe. I have enjoyed both of all of her books. A good read!
I have read a few of the books on your reading list- thanks for the recommendations.