Tuesday, March 06, 2012


never ever believe everything you read.    The reason being

the pattern stated ....    Easy 2 hours to complete.

I spent the first 4 hours transferring the beads to the Pearle thread.   and yes I did do it the correct way they stated, even tho I still finished up with nearly 100 of the little beggars scattered on the floor and the seat.

Next Day and a couple of hours or more later I started the knitting.  Oh no..... trying to follow the pattern in my advanced years is not a good idea.

So another couple of hours spent on the computer translating it into an eligible shorthand (its easy to read K2 5B  instead of knit two stitches slip five beards   etc.)

Next Day ... after three false starts ah ah  we have this thing licked until I had 3 yes THREE more rows to go and I DROPPED a stitch.   Oh no problem.    Except have you tried picking up dropped stitched on Pearle No 8 thread and size 4/0 knitting needles.  If you don't know the thickness,  thick of a large darning needle and its thinner.  I finished up sewing the dropped stitch in.    It didn't look too bad but I knew it wasn't correct.

Next day off we go to a flying start ...... well until I reached the half way mark.   Then things got a bit muddled (maybe it was the lateness of the hour).   But after trying to back stitch and failing desperately I pulled it out and went to bed.  (forgetting to say I threw it across the room in disgust.)

Now you know how I spend my evenings sitting sweetly with The Scot watching the sqaure box.  Thank goodness he is deaf and still thinks of me as a sweet old lady who doesn't use bad words.  :)

But today is a New Day and I will start again Watching the Cricket of course.    ummm    maybe thats asking for trouble too as the matches are getting very exciting between Australia and Sri Lanka.

But nevertheless

                                               Watch this space.


Molly said...

Well you gave me a giggle so your struggles were not in vain! Those super-thin knitting needles would have me stalled in the starting blocks! It looks very nice.....ummm, what is it, exactly?

AnitaS said...

I like the way you are telling this. I would not do it again. I hope you can finish it.

Sarah said...

You are very brave (or crazy) to take on such a fiddly project. Good luck vacuuming up all those little tiny beads ;)

Phil the Pom said...

Hi Sis well I give you top marks for persistance, but as your friend said WHAT IS IT ??? better luck with the cricket!! Phil the pom