Thursday, March 29, 2012


the 28 day of the 3rd Month in The Year 1937 was an Auspicious Day for the World

This little chap arrived

Growing up in that 'strange land where men wore skirts' North of Hadrian's Wall.  (I'm going to get into trouble if he reads this so please don't tell)

Taking everything to pieces and attempting to put them together again, usually with one part left over.
The apple of his Mother's Eye.    Which was evident by the look on her face when we visited after 30 years.


I do keep asking him what it feels like to be 'pushing 80'. lol


PHIL THE POM said...

Hi there young (or not so young) sassenach "you shalt not take the michael out of those who are your SENIORS" the eleventh commandment according to Phil the Pom, lol,
actually its not so bad you can get away with anything at our age, well not quite everything but a heck of a lot, and they say well its his age ha ha ha up the poms we are pushing it a bit at thecricket these sri lankans can play a bit, allthough I have it on good authority they are playing mind games with the old enemy, god bless ptp,

Molly said...

Well God bless him and give him many more returns of the day!

AnitaS said...

One day late but I wish your hubby all the best in the world. My DH says that men born for the war are better.

Jules said...

Oh birdy! You are ' cruising for a bruising' saying things like that about your beloved! Hahahaha.. He has a cheeky look himself though... Many more of 'em ( happy bifthdays that is! ) Jules.x

quiltmom said...

A belated Happy Birthday to your beloved. He is a year younger than my mama- What a great photo of the Scot with his mama.
Hope all is well down under..
Warmest regards,