Wednesday, February 01, 2012


A pox on all those folk who think it funny to create threats and malware so that other poor souls like myself suddenly (and really through no fault of their own) get multiple windows appearing, funny things happening and then switch off the computer only to find when switching back on NO DESKTOP and NO FILES whatsoever.  May they rot in a place where there are no computers.I am fortunate that The Scot is formatting my pc and I have the laptop to use as well.  He is not a happie chappie but then neither am I as I also dropped the bowl of sugar (which The  Scot had just filled).  Believe You Me the language was not polite.
To calm my jagged nerves here are my finishes for January for OPAM 20012

Only 2 finishes as I seemed to start more than I completed.  But lets hope February is better.


Molly said...

Is that a cover for your Kindle? And if so, any hints? I've been sewing too, which is good, but mostly new stuff, which is bad..... Slap, slap, slap!

Phil the POM said...


Phil the POM said...

Hello again oh dear you seem to be in a pickle. never mind "the Scot" will put you right, at least you have the warm weather we loked this morning and behold a wicked frost 5-7 minus temp, br br its cold but looks better towards the w/end a day indoors cooking methinks with some nice new recipes, tatty byy Phil the Pom

Getta said...

hey Sheila! I'm always happy to see you're pretty busy everytime I stop by :)
I think people who have nothing better to do than spending whole days in creating applications and stuff to bother random people must have already a pointless life...luckily you have The Scot :)
hugs from a snowy Venice today :)