Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Garden Party time again

This week I have four flowers to show.

these are different from the previous ones I have been stitching.
These are made from 1.1/2inch hexagons.  Whereas the others were made from 2.1/4inch hexagons.

A lot of planning has been going on in my little grey cells.........   although The Scot says its a good thing I don't build houses.

I can't draw it, as I haven't found any hexagonal graph paper as yet.   So its really plan as I go.

The clamshells are the border for the top piece of the bed and the overhang ruffel is from the base of the clamshell down to the end of the black, which includes the previous made hexagons lined up.
This is another illustration.

now I know you need a lot of imagination .... but get the idea.     I think it will work and I like it .........well until the next change of mind.

Meanwhile The Scot has been hard at work.

And Postie is safe once again, my first parcel arrived although not by postie by the courier.


Shaz said...

Your flowers are lovely. They and the clam shells really pop on the black background - it will look lovely when it is finished.

Karen said...

I think it will work too! Lovely!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Beautiful blooms! I think your garden plans will work out nicely.

krisgray said...

Your flowers are lovely on the black! Very cool plan!

Becky G said...

My o My do I love those oriental prints; especially the way you alternate them so they look like quantum triangles. Very nice indeed! The black background really sets them off nicely too. Looking forward to next weeks!

Lindi said...

Your hexies are lovely, Sheila!
Met up with Sooziii today...she drove up for lunch...we were thinking of you. Wish you could have been here. :)

Jules said...

Beautiful birdy. They look really pretty and I can imagine your plan quite well. The Scot has the right idea! I take it that the mug in his hand was placed there by his hand maiden - between stitches!!! LOL Garden looks pretty too. xx