Tuesday, February 28, 2012


do you remember skipping to the ditty
  Rain Rain go to Spain
  Come again another day.

Well that's what I am singing right now.  Last week I was bemoaning the fact that the garden and shrubs were so dry I had to resort to using the hose twice a week and now today we have 33.3 ml of rain on the gauge and its still raining The water tanks will be  full and the shrubs nearly having to learn to swim.

But its a good excuse to sew

this is my finish for OPAM.

Peace At Christmas Wallhanging

and yes after taking two photos there is still a loose thread sitting there.  Must be Murphy's Law.
The Redwork was very relaxing to stitch.   But the sewing machine is playing up again.  I do hope its not on its last legs as it has been such a good machine, I must have stitched many miles on it.  And I do have a couple of urgent quilts to stitch.


Ulla's Quilt World said...

Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

What Comes Next? said...

I've been singing that ditty all winter! But it does make for some good stay at home time. Fingers crossed your SM is just having a little hiccup and will be fine. Your little stitchery is lovely!

Jules said...

We are in drought and it is winter! Ireland and Scotland have plenty but we are well below - but today for a short time it rained! Temps way above normal for the time of year - in double figures after minuses! Variety the spice of life eh? Your work is beautiful Auzzie bird. Hope the machine recovers. One tip I read today - clean with a mixture of baby oil and eucalypyus oil. xx

Anonymous said...

hi there sis, wish we had your rain as jules told you we are in drought?
never mind soon be cricket again,, whoopee. phil the pom.

AnitaS said...

Your christmas wallhanging is very lovely. We are waiting for spring now.

Fiesta said...

Beautiful finish Sheila. Congratulations