Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Lots to write today.   Wednesday is  Flower day

Only 1 flower this week, although I have some lovely new fabrics.

A small Christmas Wallhanging finished.  I think it had better be called Santa's Coming.  Pleased with this as it was made entiely from my stash including the thread.

Tomorrow is our green waste day.  Our bin is rather full but as the Aggies were looking very bedraggled I wanted to dead head them and get them in the bin.   They are rather juicy in the stalks to mulch them for compost.
This I did bright and early and left it until lunchtime to check for Postie, coming in muttering to myself about the evil I was going to bring on Postie as he never left me anything.  Then this afternoon The Scot came in saying I had better apolgise to Postie as he put a rather exciting parcel on my desk.

Containing ........

I must explain.    A calender of Canada, with notes stuck on telling me vital information.  A Christmas magazine.   We don't seem to have mags devoted entirely to Christmas in Aus.  so this will be cherished.  I have already seen a project to make.   A mini stocking containing  a thingymajig for pressing seams and I think it can be used to mark a small pattern for quilting.   I have seem plastic ones, but this one is made of wood.

and plastic bags.   But not ordinary plastic bags

Christmas Decorated plastic bags to safe guard goodies sent in the mail.  And so many of them.

I first learnt of these when Peggy sent my swap present, many many moons ago, I keep in touch with  few swappers who I seem to bond with.  Unfortunately Aussie Glad Bags don't seem to do these and I couldnt find them online.   So I forgot about them and now I have my own stash of Chrissy Plastic Bags.

What a wonderful Christmas present, thank you so much Peggy.  tho goodness knows why it took so long to get here, it was mailed on the 21.12.2011...... probably travelled the world a couple of times.   Seriously I think it has something to to do with Security Checks tho our parcels are always so inocent.

Check out Peggys site .   Did I tell you she is a marathon runner ..... in the snow.   I keep telling her quilting is better lol.  oh and she has a beautiful house and a very clever hubby.

and and and a Musical Christmas Card   lol   which I am driving The Scot nuts with.....A snowman on the front and when opened it plays.   Jingle Bells.


Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Wonderful hexie, such pretty fabrics and fussy cutting. Over 2 months!, such a long time to wait for a fun Christmas present and your wall hanging of Santa is so cute!

Karen said...

Love the hexie and the Santa, so cute! Wonderful present too.

My Sister Made Me Do It said...

Gorgeous fabrics for your hexie! Lovely.

Maria said...

Bingo....... we have both been working on Hexie flowers and Christmas projects.
Love both of yours.

Jules said...

For a girl who loves Christmas as much as you do Birdy - this was a lovely gift (and card)! All round Christmas - what could be better for you!? The fabric you are using for your hexies ia different - very pretty. xxx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your wall hanging is so lovely Sheila...great swap parcel

Becky G said...

Lovely hexi and super cute little Christmas embroidery... well done! I bet your postman holds back packages out of self defence, so he'll have one in the hopper to deliver when he knows your are @ to fuss at him!