Monday, January 02, 2012


The first post for 2012.

Do you make New Year Resolutions?    I used to.   Some were not successful, others stretch a bit, a small number actually kept.

When one is retired and as fortunate as I - Life doesn't really need resolutions.  

But this year I am really going to try to put into practice.

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place.

 According to The Scot I am notorious for being a 'One Way Person"   or take it out put it back later.
So I guess I will try to keep my brain in gear with my actions.  Which in fact should keep everything in its place.

hahaha  says The Scot and how long will that last.

If it this hot tomorrow then the Air Conditioner will have to be switched on and I will get back to my Reconstructed Cabins quilt which had to be packed away at the beginning of December to make way for Christmas gifts.

Yesterday was Hot but to day is H O T T E R,   just looked and it was 40 degrees in the shade.  When it gets that hot I don't bother looking anymore.

The Dorset Buttons are proving more difficult than I thought.  Three have been unpicked, but I think I am learning something each 'unpick'.


Lindi said...

Happy New Year, Sheila! Rather than resolutions, this year, I have chosen one word to keep in mind as a theme for the year....Renewal is my word for this year.

AnitaS said...

Happ New Year to you. I will only do things I like.

Fiesta said...

Me too Sheila. I just do what I like. No resolutions.

What Comes Next? said...

resolutions is too strong a word - they rarely get kept, but I do try and set myself some goals - this year it is working from my scraps and stash and trying to keep my purchases to a minimum. So far, so good! Good luck with everything in its place!

Molly said...

Happy New Year Birdy! I'm incurable. I make goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call them, every year, even though I know they are doomed from the start! But I have to take advantage of that burst of enthusiasm that comes with turning to a brand new year!

Sew a little every day, no matter if it's just a few stitches, is one of them. If I could do that I might finish a few UFOs before I die!

Jules said...

Oooo with Molly on this... I try! Just taking decs down and enjoying them - especially new wall hangings and coasters - shame to put them away. Oh well! Much enjoyed.
So windy weaherwise today I nearly did a Mary Poppins......

As it was just an umbrella inside out...... xxx