Friday, January 06, 2012


in fact VERY NOT HAPPY.   My dear little sewing machine is dead.

It just proves that This Quilter should not do buttons or mending.  The Scot needed trousers turned up.  Short legs he has.  So early yesterday morning, I usually rise a couple of hours before him,  I headed to the sewing room cut and turned, found the correct thread.  Switched my new CD player on and the machine.
Sat down, put my foot down and


Not a stutter. 

I did a bit of fiddling, well it is quite a few years old,  Pfaff 1471.  Deducted it must be the foot pedal.

The Scot has spent two days trying to fix it.  A new foot (if we can obtain one) would cost around $100.  Is it worth it?  or a new basic machine.   Decisions, Decisions.

In the meantime if anyone has or knows of a spare Pfaff foot Pedal going, or how to obtain a resistor board or piece of metal.   Please let me know.


Sally Westcott said...

Oh No! Not a good start to the new year!

Nola G said...

Poor you. I loved my 1471, then I upgraded to the 1473 which I used for many many years. Several years ago I upgraded again to a secondhand 7570 because a felt the 1473 might be reaching an age where it couldn't be repaired. I still have it so you could borrow the pedal if you would like to check if it is really the problem. The 1471 is a fantastic machine - I'd be spending the $100 on a new pedal. You don't get much for under $1000 these days. It's all plastic and cheap.

Fiesta said...

So sorry to hear that Sheila.