Sunday, January 22, 2012


Procrastinating.    Or as The Scot tells me ... just being plain lazy.     But I can't seem to get my head around sewing or anything at the moment.  The weather is either hot or cold and usually very humid.  That being said today was a beautiful day, so without an ounce of guilt I sat on the patio and stitched and listened to my Kindle.   Did I tell you that I love my Kindle.  I have been thinking of upgrading but as I have now organised it to play through the speakers in the sewing room and I am very happy with buying the books from Audible.   sometimes there are specials and if I am lucky one can't be bought for as low as $4.95.  And as this is my pleasure I think it a good way to dispose of my pocket money.  Over the holiday period I read The Elegance of the Hedgehog ~ Muriel Barbery.  This was recommended by my good friend Molly.  It was quite hard going, but I have to say a really good read, even if it did have me reaching for the tissues at the end.  The present reading is Pearl S Buck.   Trilogy of The Good Earth.  This is quite absorbing reading and I can't wait to start the third part "A House Divided"

Weeding and deadheading has been done on the patio areas.   But the ground is so dry I am waiting for the rains to come before attempting any more.

I finished the stitching part of another Christmas Sampler.

The Scot just couldn't help himself.   When asked what he thought.  umm are those supposed to be holly leaves - don't like them.    Well at least he knew what they were :)
I hope to make this one and the Peace at Christmas (shown in a previous post), into mini wall quilts,  at the weekend.

You will also notice in my sidebar. 
I have know Peg for some years and was too late too join last year.   But this year hopefully it will inspire me to complete more projects.   Thanks Peg and Kris. 
So watch the side bar.   Lets hope I have at least one finish a month.   


AnitaS said...

Nice you joined OPAM. I joined it for the third year and sometimes it helps to finish something.

Jules said...

We all have the need to sit and dream at times but you are far from lazy birdy. You are sewing - being creative - and listening - being educated. Now what on earth is wrong with that!?! Lol. Enjoy yourself....... xxx

Fiesta said...

Beautiful Sheila. You definetley are getting a head start on your projects.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your stitchery is lovely Sheila, so pleased you nave joined OPAM...and how is Audible, I also buy books from there...

Chell said...

I had to chuckle...when your dear says "don't like them" dear one will tell me "not as fond of it as when you started" the honesty, but sometimes our men should be silent.