Thursday, January 05, 2012


My cyberfriend Thea @  (she is also a member of the 4x6er's Postcard Swap)  wrote about the places visited and things she made last year and invited her readers to write about the Good Things from 2011

So ever up for a challenge ......

  • Life is usually good for me, as I am a glass half full usually spilling over the top type of person.   Something can be learnt or laughed at from most things in life. 
  • I am particularly glad The Scot is still in remission and looks better every day (even if he does annoy the bejebbers out of me sometimes) 
  • So lucky he has a mind that wants to fix things (he took his Mother's vacuum cleaner apart when he was 8 years old ..... hahha yes she made him put it back but there was a spare part and it never worked again,  But he is fixing my sewing machine at the moment and I have every confidence in him (or else its a new machine !!!) 
  • Although not actually meeting them, spoke with my three Offspring.   Who are all out in the big world making it a better place. 
  • Succeeded in making 90% of my Christmas Presents, and managed to afford the postage out of my pocket money. 
  • Not on a large scale but have a Home and Garden I love and am able to enjoy. 
  • Oh and did I tell you I have a Kindle?  and good books to listen to.
  • Our Electricity Account has been in credit all year due to the Solar Panels. 
  • I could list gazillion  zillions more 
  • But all in all so thankful to have such a Good Life.


AnitaS said...

When you have still your partner I think life is great and have to be celebrated.

Julie said...

What a wonderful list of things to be celebrated! I will have to think of my very own list now. Thanks for the motivation.

Fiesta said...

Your list is wonderful and so heartfelt Sheila.

Jules said...

Catching up - but love this sheila. Spot on. Many Blessings. xxx