Saturday, January 07, 2012


The saga of the Sewing Machine continues but

what a clever little Scot I have (no he is not for sale)

He has spent the last two days plus today on trying to fix it (but he says he does enjoy a challenge)

On the left is the faulty bit with the bit he is making on the right.  (don't you love my technical knowledge)

As you know he doesn't like to throw anything away.   This is the circuit board he used to cut the piece from.

It has been tested and it works.   Well done The Scot.

And today I found this

This is the gardenia bush which has been moved twice but it looks as tho it likes this situation which is to the right of the patio.   So we should enjoy the perfume.


AnitaS said...

Clever DH and you can use the machine again. I wish it was warm over here.

Nola G said...

Hooray! Pfaffy lives again!

Ozjane said...

Think you need to keep him..well done creative guy.
Well done for Patience all round.

Jules said...

Very well done that man! He looks so happy with his worthwhile worth. Maybe he should advertise his skills locally or on line - I bet there would be many a steady trickle of customers.
Someone near us sharpens tools and gives a general overhaul - replacing parts no longer available. He is much in demand - without pressure and gets a lot of self satisfaction as well as much pleasure from being able to bring a smile to the owners face - whether this is a small garden tool whch is a favourite or a treasured piece which belonged to great grandad. He enjoys crafting small parts to fit and making old engines work again.
Hobbies requiring skills are much admired and sought after. You are both very gifted people.