Sunday, January 08, 2012


count your chickens before they are hatched.   Or some such wise saying.

It appears that my sewing is now
  • full speed ahead
  • can't stop
  • won't sew

The Scot is looking into it. ????????????

Meanwhile I have finished some hand stitching,
well not exactly finished.   Think I will add some gold thread to the heart and gold halo to the Angels.   This will be put in the Christmas Box Ready for making closer to the date.

I am not sure if my Postcard group is continuing but I have been making some Postcards to celebrate Chinese New Year.  I would like to send one to No1Son in Taiwan.

Gold is a lucky colour for fortune.  And three coins tied with red ribbon are lucky.  I have printed the back on gold coloured paper.

I have been told to be patient...... but if the machine is not fixed I think some hand finishing will be in order.

And this is for Molly.   I was very clever with the packing this year and found some larger boxes to put into the plastic ones.    These are all the Christmas Decorations, except the Quilts which are in special bags on the top shelf above.



Vickie said...

Oh dear I just been back through your past couple of blog posts..sorry to hear about your machine..gee I hope the scott can fix itif he needs any more transistors or such give me a holler(hubby has all sorts).And if you was closer I'd happily zip on over and drop off my spare machine for you. Gorgeous hand stitching you have done there,cheers Vickie

Fiesta said...

Beautiful stitchery Sheila. You do the best hand work. I still have your towel displayed. The stitching is spectacular.

Jules said...

What lovely ideas.... And the postcard for No1 son is lovely.
Very neat packing of Christmas decs birdy. We have just hauled ours up into the roof again. Come here for a rest! lol.