Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year to all my blog readers. 

Chinese New Year Day is on January 23 2012.
The first day of 2012, which is The Year of the Dragon  will arrive on February 4th 2012.

The days between are days of celebrations and many traditions.

My chosen theme for the 4x6ers swap was Celebrations and these are the Postcards I sent.

One was also sent to No1 Son who is located and working in Taiwan.

I must explain.
  • The emblem was printed onto fabric on the computer.   Then stitched to the Gold background. 
  • Gold is lucky and foretells wealth.   Hence the back was printed on gold paper and glued. 
  • It is a lucky symbol to have 3 coins fastened with red cord/ribbon.  The three coins attached. 
  • Another custom is the giving of Red Envelopes.   Red is also a lucky colour.  Because I hadn't given myself enough time they were enclosed in red envelopes.   But now I wish I had printed on them.

btw     A few years back No1Son   gave The Scot and myself a Red Envelope which contained money, as was the custom .... but when I told him (tic) that mine must have been a reject because it was always empty yet The Scot's seemed to get fatter and fatter.   You know what he told me ......  I need to keep something in it to enable it to multiply.   hummmmmm sounds like a reject envelope to me.

or did Confusus say ......   Save for a rainy day
                                                                                  don't spend it on fabric.?

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Molly said...

I'm not sure what Confucius' advice on the subject was but I've been telling myself to stay away from quilt shops.....Use up the twenty year supply of fabric I've already got.....But then the local quilt shop owners plotted a shop Hop and Of course we had to go----to TEN shops! and you know we spent some money in each!