Sunday, December 04, 2011


Goodness me I seem to have become a lazy blogger of late.  But I haven't been slack.  The decorations are all 'hung'.  I will give you a Christmas Tour later but for now .... this is a sneak view of the patio.  Looking at it I realise I have forgotten to change the tablecloth and seat covers which will be done this am

 This year I changed my method of hanging and it proved much easier.  Although time consuming at first, next year it will be a doddle.  The Scot kindly always insists on climbing to do the hanging as he says he couldn't cope with my broken bones.

My finger pads are getting quite sore, and the sewing machine desperately needs a clean.
Tomorrow its going to be a case of The Scot starting the Supermarket shopping whilst I queue at the Post Office.   Although I am getting it down to a fine T or Q.   I purchase the envelopes/bags, obtain the customs declaration forms prior to posting, then get everything ready at home.   This makes life much easier - have you tried filling in forms and envelopes at the very small tables they provide?

Do you remember Scoops, my Owl Pigeon deter.   I usually feed the goldfish before preparing my breakfast.   This morning this is what I found

I am not sure what went on during the night.   We do have possums but there were traces of bird droppings close to the crime scene.


quiltmom said...

It looks so unusual to me to see Christmas decorations hanging on a patio- When I look out my window I see the snowflakes falling and everything covered with a white blanket of the stuff. It is pretty but so different than your inviting patio.
Looks like you are getting all decorateed up.

AnitaS said...

What beautiful is it to have Christmas decoration on the patio and sit outside with a cup of tea. I would love that.

Jules said...

I sat and had my coffee on your patio this am - you must have been out! Very festive.
Poor owl! Do you have fox?