Saturday, December 17, 2011


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on Wednesday it was my birthday.  How the years have flown,I used to think that 30 was over the hill.  Never in my wildest dreams thought about being over 60, well now I am pushing close to 70.  Oh my goodness  that is old..
I have always loved having a birthday in December.   Sometimes I could get a much needed more expensive present because I add birthday and Christmas.

The Scot bought me a mini CD player for the sewing room because the old one was not working correctly.

The one thing I don't like is ...... if folk wrap my birthday present in Christmas paper.   Somehow it seems like cheating to me.

The weather in Aus is starting to look a lot more like summer.   This is The Scot having breakfast this morning, (actually it could be almost any morning)

Tomorrow you are invited to take afternoon tea on the patio and I will give you a tour of my decorated Christmas Home.

Meanwhile, have you ever wondered why some songs have the lyrics they do .... this is an old favourite many years old in fact, but I play it every Christmas.


AnitaS said...

Very happy birthday to you. I hope you had a very nice day. Your baby photo is just like mine. I think it is because we are almost the same age.

pegsplace said...

I missed your birthday! I knew that we were kindred spirits for a reason, my birthday is next week, and I like having my birthday near Christmas because I get to have a gift if I am lucky ;)....actually there is one sitting on my fireplace mantle from my sister.

Oooh.... a Christmas visit! I will surly check in, but my Sunday is later than yours. You are already Saturday and I am at work, on Friday!


Molly said...

Happy belated birthday Birdy! That twelve days applique looks gorgeous! Here's a b'day "present" from me--a new book recommendation. I'm listening to it on tape as I drive. "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. I think it's for young adults but even though I could hardly pass for one of them, I am really enjoying it!

Banaghaisge said...

Happy birthday Sheila!!! What a sweet little baby you were - couldn't help but grow into such a lovely person! And I hope you have a ripper beaut Aussie Christmas too, hugs and love, xxxx

Jules said...

How LOVELY! And whilst watching the hilarious video - the phone rang - news of a friend's baby being born! Arthur. How cute is that?! But your baby pic is adorable birdy and good to know that you are in the height of your favourite season and enjoying it! Keep spreading the happiness. xxx

quiltmom said...

Wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday Sheila. Our son's birthday was yesterday and I think he likes having a birthday for the same reasons but sometimes feels a bit disappointed because his birthday is a pretty quiet event because its so close to Christmas.
He spent his traveling to his girlfriends family and they had some delays so we did not even speak to him though we had heard from him the day before and this morning.
I hope you have a fabulous Christmas. I did get the Christmas village up and now we have to decide whether we are going to put up a real or a fake tree.
Warmest regards,