Saturday, December 31, 2011


This period of the year always feels a bit like 'No Mans Land' to me.  The Christmas rush is over, those that have parties are recovering and those that celebrate Hogmanay are hustle and bustle.

Here at No 21 Life goes on the same (thank goodness) The Scot is not a Party Animal as he made it quite clear when I first met him lol   But I think he has shaped me into much the same.  Nowadays Home and Garden are our little bits of Heaven.

This is my special bit of Heaven

The mini player was my birthday/Christmas present.  And the clever Scot has fixed it so that I can play my kindle through the speakers. 

The Kindle is great for listening when cutting, drawing or tidying.   But when in competition with the sewingmachine I like music.   So I have been burning our old discs so that I have a copy for myself.

Now this took some learning.  Bear with me now.

No 1 Son offered me his old Ipod.  He likes to keep up with the modern technology going on about Android something or other.

So .....

it needed protection so a small big was the answer.

But now comes the tricky part.    How to play it.    It is one of those fangle dangle thingies that clip on your sleeve, stick the ear phones in the ear and off your go for your walk.

Trying to get sound out of it was like getting money out of The Scot's wallet.    After I gave up on it he offered to give it a try.   (He reads The Instructions word for word)  And success.

But now comes the big BUT  using ITunes.   Now no1Son even admitted he found it easier to use it through Windows.  The Scot has an Ipod and can't use Itunes.    Me .... it was going to defeat me.  I spend a whole day but now it works perfectly.   The ipod, itunes, burning discs.  Very Happy here.

My swing seat and evening sewing has taken a slightly different turn.

Dorset Buttons which I am hoping to make into broaches and tassel ends.
I thought it would be a doddle.   hahaha    think again birdy.      I am pulling it too tight and I need to mark my start point.  I can see quite a few practice ones being needed.

To finish with I can't let you go without showing you my bargain of the year. 

Baubles ......... 75cents a tube
Biscuits .........$2
Lollies ...........$2   (these are The Scot's favourites)


Fiesta said...

We are the same Sheila. We have been celebrating new years eve for years at home. We pretty much go to sleep. Like you guys, our home and garden are our refuge.
Happy 2012. Your towel is going to be displayed tomorrow.
My word verification is scoot. Lol

Iceni UK said...

Happy New Year Sheila, we celebrate New Years Eve much like you do. Always have done, we are not party animals either :) :)
Wishing you love, peace, happiness and all things that you wish for in 2012.

AnitaS said...

I wish you a very happy New Year. . I love christmas but New Year Eve I do not like so much. I can not go to bed because the firework will be there till deep into the night.

Jules said...

Lovely! Your work and clever clog set up! New Year is just another day isn't it? Seems a bit daft to me everyone leaping about hugging and kicking the old year whilst cheering the new in.... another bah humbug moment but who in their right mind thinks getting older is to be welcomed? Or that a change in calender will magically be vastly different? Nah - slippers, pipe and log fire - well, maybe not the pipe......... Anyway, on that note birdy - have a lovely summer in your garden. xxxx