Wednesday, December 07, 2011


phew ... moping my brow furiously.   All my parcels have been Mailed.  The morning was spent finishing off presents and this p.m. a trip to Waverley Gardens SC to the Post Office.  I now know to purchase the packaging, obtain the custom labels, and then I can get everything ready at home.   It still takes quite a while as I have to

  •  present my driver's licence.   The young lass then puts me into the system (so to speak) and each parcel must be treated separately.  
  • weighed, postage fixed.  Stickers only for larger amounts. 
  • Customs Declaration put into the system, she signs it.  Then a large yellow ID sticker fixed
  • Airmail sticker
  • the smaller part of the Customs Dec.     
  • Then I have to pay .............:(

but its all done now so on to some gardening.

Which of course meant a trip to Bunnings.
The Scot was busy on a project of his own, so I had the little piece of plastic in my hot little hand.

Potting Mix
Seedlings.   There seems to be a lack of pansy seedlings this year.
So I settle for portulaca and petunia
2 mats for lining the larger wire baskets.

And of course I really need another plant for the patio.

This is called Santa Paws and had a lovely label attached so it could be given as a gift   It really is Kangaroo Paw.
So tomorrow I will be up bright and early and it looks like being a busy day.   Must search for the shade tho as it forecasts 30 degrees.
Recovering from my shopping expedition with a cold drink on the patio.    The Scot drew my attention to The Jade which is to the left of the fishpond.
This grows really well.   It was given to me as a tiny cutting from a neighbour in about 1978.
But look more closely
We thought the birds had a nest somewhere but didn't think it was so close. 
The birds are becoming very trusting.   This morning whilst feeding the fish, two  currawongs were having a bath in the bird bath.  I walked down to within a couple of feet.  Talking to them and they just carried on.   Tomorrow I will take my camera out with me and see if I can snap them.

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Vickie said...

aww that photo is so cute..I love hearing the babies squak for thier tucker...oh yes the dreaded post office..I was at our this morning and it seems to take forever, meanwhile people in the line behind you start ompffing and arghing..I actually truned around and said to one "I waited in the line for my turn just as you are now" some people are very rude..I love your patio plant that looks gorgeous..oh dear I've written a story,cheers Vickie