Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The festivities are nearly over for 2011 and then we can get back to some serious stuff sewing, reading, and gardening.

Today before the weekly shop, although it was only a small fill up one, I was cleaning the bathroom and toilet.   oh a job I hate.  They always get their daily wipe down but need a weekly thorough clean and I HATE cleaning the shower recess.   But its all done now, mats washed and it smells and looks fresh as a daisy.

Although The Scot will wash up and make the bed on these days, I can't seem to con him into cleaning the shower ah well.he wasn't lazy.  Out in the garden busy with the vegetables, which I must say are looking pretty good.

We will have grapes but I don't think there will be enough for Wine this year.

The same with the strawberries, to eat but not jam.

The Possums help themselves, usually picking the nicest ones to munch on. 

And look what I found in the corner of the fish pond seed bed
 After it finished flowering, I moved it because it was fighting for space withtwo other plants  I wasn't sure whether it would survive.   But as I didn't know what it was or where it came from I took the chance.  It appears to be quite a sturdy little plant.


Jules said...

Lovely busy Summertime with time to relax too one hopes? Everywhere is looking very productive birdy. Enjoy the season a while longer........... :-D xxx

Julie said...

I know I'm very strange, but I prefer to do the cleaning myself, as long as they keep outta my way!! LOL Happy New Year to you.

Elaine Adair said...

Gardens look luscious! All we have is brown!

I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, and I'm watching to see when you get back to your Log Cabin. We had a quilt display in bigger town, and there was that pattern in whites and light blues - it was really darling. I think it had less strips. I'm MQ'ing mine these few days between Mystery Clues from Wish I had used a lighter thread - something less colorful.

Do you ever SEE the theiving possums?