Monday, December 05, 2011

2012 is A NEW YEAR

What have I planned for the New Year?

Firstly no Swaps, well that is apart from the 4x6ers Postcard Swap which is an enjoyable ongoing swap and no great hassle.

All my commitments for this year have been 'done and dusted'.

So time to look to 2012

A blogging acquaintance who knows I love embroidery sent me this link.

So I have been reading Sharon b's blog and I  also knew a couple of quilters who had done TAST2011.

Problem solved

Sharon's work is fantastic and she is very sharing so do go take a look at her blog and also TAST2012.

Can you be tempted.

Oh did I say she was an Australian.


aykayem said...

I am planning on doing TAST next year too ... but that is ages away, not until next year ... we have all the rest of this year yet - and I have 4 or more journal quilts to do, and a couple of other quilts I want to make, and several UFOs I would like to finish, and a sewing room to find under the mess - and I am glad I still have this year to do all that because I have not started any of it ... so that gives me a whole ... er ... oh S#.T! ... where the #%$%^#%& did 2011 go???!!!!!!!

pegsplace said...

Me too! :)....I love Sharon's site! I tried doing this two years ago, but alas...didn't finish. No swaps eh? long will that last?