Friday, December 09, 2011


for me anyway.   Lucky me gets all the days before most of you.  ummmmm wonder what would happen if the world ended, would I end before you.  ummmm

Busy                     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                 H O T                   day.

So it was up early and get things done.  Which meant I had to go to the SC,  We buy 'The Age' Newspaper every Thursday as it has The Green Guide which is a TV guide, in it.  The other guides are more expensive and usually fully of some gossip about someone.   So just in case I don't get to the Newsagent on Thursday they kindly put one by for me.   I don't think they would just deliver for one day.

Anyway back to the plot ......   Newsagent, BigW for Velcro for the Christmas cushion covers, quick look to see if I could find some sandals - no luck.  And I happened to pass The Reject Shop,   I am sure you all have these shops,  not rejects,   some junk, but if you look around you manage to find really nice things.

and ......................................

wait for it .............................

they had their Christmas Baubles ON SPECIAL,  I just couldn't go past.

So for the princely sum of $10 for the jar, which I assured The Scot I could use during the year.  And $4.10 for the two packets of baubles I now have

My table decoration.

Of course one can never ever just walk in and out, so had a peek at the garden section and
for the princely sum of $3 each I have solar lights for my new plant.  

 Will try to get a night shot to show you.

Then the boring supermarket finishing up at Bunnings but I only bought what I went in for.   Closed my eyes to everything else.   Extra seedlings and a plant for the patio where there is a bare spot.

Yesterday I told you about World War 3 of the Birds.

Well today we have the noisiest Mothers Club Meeting ever.

This is on the Nature Strip next door.     I showed the photos to The Scot and he said well whilst they are there my trees are safe.      hahahha     by tomorrow they will be into our back yeard.

so watch this space.

and the Cricket Test - Australia v New Zealand is on the TV for the next 5 days.   So it could be more sewing less housework.  ahhhhhh   bliss.


Jules said...

What a lovely 'catch-up' I have just enjoyed birdy. Great pictures and a wild-life garden. Good to see you have tamed the beast to lie and sleep!!!! When he awakes, Beauty will have bedecked the patio with even more pots and plants! How lovely, very welcoming. Hope the seedlings develop into the lovely thick mass of colour you hope for - they are looking strong and healthy. Lots of water....
Wonderful parcel arrived as you no doubt know, if you have read your e-mails. Fantastic work much appreciated! Lots of love. Jx

pegsplace said...

Love the birds and flowers Sheila! Making me wistful for warm weather but winter has come to the front door, although, after a dumping of snow it melting away with snow....Canada eh? :).

No, I'm not any where near ready for Christmas! I am enjoying the stitching though, seem to need to do it to relax from student whining at work, end of session.

hey, I noticed that you have signed up for the TAST 2012! Me too! Great minds think alike! We will have to encourage each other though, so that I can stick with it. I'm trying to get my friend from my quilter's guild to do it with me, the more the merrier!

See you later, I have to wander around here a bit!