Tuesday, November 08, 2011


No progress photos on the "Not The Quilt Police" Quilt.  The bathroom and toilet received their long awaited clean.  Oh how I hate bathrooms especially showers.  When the three kids were living at home I always said that they should all stand out in the garden and I would hose them down.

I did take a coffee break sitting on the patio and found my Mystery  Plant has a flower.   This has been in the ground for about five years, suffered a bit in the drought but always seemed to come back but no flower. 
Does anyone know what it is.

It is the best photo I could manage without falling into the fishpond.  The flower is long bell shaped, white but seems to have a pink tinge.

And whilst I have been busy working, as usual the Scot plays.   We now have


on our fruit trees

But he promptly informs me they are not bells, but fruit fly traps.   ?????
Apparently the inside is spread with a mixture of Vegemite (Marmite for those in the Northern Hemisphere) and an insecticide.  The flies apparently are addicted to Vegemite and so they eat it and ------.   He hopes.
This is what the inside looks like.

I will let you know how it goes.

Postie probably felt sorry for me having to work so hard he left this parcel

5" A VERY BERRY CHRISTMAS Moda Fabric CHARMS Quilt Squares RARE Charm Pack

I bought this on ebay a few weeks ago.   I am so pleased I have bought two more packs and this can be my new Christmas Quilt.   No I don't know the pattern yet.  lol.


ozjane said...

love those fabrics and the garden looks good also.
Have been considering hanging old cd's on the fruit trees.

Elaine Adair said...

Interesting gadget for fruit flies - what ARE those wiggly things inside the 'bell'? Is that part of the construction or is there already some critters in there?