Saturday, November 12, 2011


Interesting things are happening in The Scot's Playroom

The picture of concentration

But the weather has been beautiful these past two days so I have been out in the garden.

These are lettuce, pinched from the Scot's veggie plot, which I can continuously pick the leaves plus seeds planted for chives.  And being on the patio they will be sure to be watered.

and a close up of my parsley planted yesterday.

and the patio weeded and swept cleaned.

someone enjoyed MY swing seat on the freshly cleaned patio.

But I guess he deserves it as he brought me a bucket of these.


Chell said...

He looks like he is enjoying himself and I too would love a bucket full of potatoes!!! It looks so beautiful there, it is very cold here, snow and wind....I will have to post a picture of the weather.

Jules said...

Beautiful! lovely to see you both so happy and busy.