Thursday, November 03, 2011


well not quite.....
Elaine has added a wonderful Tutorial to her blog for the Relocated Cabins.   But it takes me a little longer to get things organised.   At the moment its cutting cutting cutting.

Although a new blade in the rotary cutter zips through the fabric now.
As I intend using all material from my stash, and as mentioned it does contain rather a lot of shorter pieces, plus not being the smartest mathematician on the block, I had to work out the minimum length for each strip.
So I lifted the photo from Elaine's blog and then spend rather too long in marking out the ACTUAL size of each strip.   So I now know that the strips in that pile must be at least 1inch longer than said measurement.  Time well spent I think.

The Kindle is all charged ready to go with a new book recommended by Molly  "Ghost Light" by Joseph O'Connor  Tomorrow is here but after a good nights sleep (yes I do sleep soundly for at least 6 hours)  a lick and promise to the housework, a quick trip down to WG local shopping centre, to collect The Age for the Green Guide which has the weeks TV programmes,  to enable The Scot to plan his evenings I may just finish all the cutting ready to start sewing on Friday.   But it is very difficult when the stash is 30 odd years old and most pieces are really just bits and bobs.

And ............................................ not only but also a little diversion for the evening whilst sitting with The Scot

I know I don't need anything more Christmas but it is only a small one and I have to keep my hands busy.

The Stitchery a freebie kindly offered from Red Brolly, do go and take a look at her site.


Fiesta said...

Sheila, thanks for the link. I know your christmas sampler will be adorable.

What Comes Next? said...

you go Sheila! I'm loving the look of the sampler - thank you for the link! TV work!

Chell said...

Hi, I think I am able to follow you, so maybe it will be easier for you to follow my blog....It wants you, it is just being difficult!! Amazing to see what all is going on in other parts of the world. Thanks

Jules said...

Well thought out and planned so should be great! I like the idea of using stash because there will also be memories of other quilts too (?)
Stitcheries - oh yes - make my fingers stwitch and spine tingle! lol Silly woman that I am. but there is so much work goes into these "stories" - and each and everyone tells a little story. :-D