Monday, November 21, 2011


I definitely have a looooog way to go, but I thought it would keep us on track if I placed the above information.

The 'Not the Quilt Police' quilt is definitely giving me a headache.   The wires in my head seem to be kinda crossed, on Friday it seemed that every other block I cut was the wrong way.    So for the time being it has been put away, not out of sight tho.   But Christmas Goodies need to be made.

Yesterday The Scot and I went shopping.  During November I think they must cut down forest upon forest to account for the number of catalogues we receive.  I usually flick through as I collect them from the Mail Box and bin the ones I am not interested then peruse the others.   Ummmm   lots of Christmas Goodies so I convinced The Scot we needed to take a look at a new barn like Specials shop.

Lots of junk as usual but if you looked carefully some interesting buys.

 very moderately priced at $7.   They did have some gorgeous BIG baubles which I wanted for the Patio but The Scot frowned and growled.   But I think I will take a trip there again to get some.  Note to self DON'T TAKE SCOT if you want to buy Christmas Goodies just buy and decorate.

Today I have to sort fabrics for above mentioned Goodies .....  then this week the windows must get cleaned because Saturday week the Decorations have to be put up.

Now I should explain here.   Christmas is just the two of us.  Remember the kids all live too far to travel, although they do phone on the day which is nice.
We don't have parties or family or visitors.   So who gets to enjoy the Decorations.
  • The Scot - and one year I chucked a hissy and didn't put any decorations up.  He was so miserable that on Christmas Eve I frantically decorated the tree and hung the lights.
  • You my good cyberfriends - because I wont let you get away without photos of every room and every decoration via my blog.
  • My good self who has such wonderful memories of Christmas Past.
But just because no one sees doesn't mean I can't 'DO' Christmas now does it.

Now you have to promise me you won't laugh at the following photos - remember you may have some tucked away almost as bad ancient.

This is Christmas Morning 1966 .. Our First Christmas in Aus.

Decorations have always been part of my Christmas

Also the Tree.   no comment necessary.

This is our 1st Christmas Dinner in Australia.    We thought EVERYONE went to the beach for dinner .. haha soon learnt different.

Then the kids came along and Christmas took on a whole new meaning.  Like all young families money was rather tight, so the weeks before Christmas were spent ransacking the shops for the best buys.  And do you remember paper chains oh how I hate paper chains that the kids so lovingly made and hung.

A candle left burning so that Santa would know we were home, a glass of sherry and cookies - usually devoured by The Scot.

These were the early Christmas Times of family life until .......................

 The Scot saw a Camper van on special
and then ................. it was four weeks holiday, never knowing where.   But as I assured the kids ...Santa would always find us - and he did.

but now its just
The Gang


quiltmom said...

I have been trying to decide whether I would bother decorating for Christmas because our son will not be with us this season. He has moved to the other side of the country( 4000 miles from our home). I do love when it looks festive but I am having some trouble getting into the spirit Christmas season. Thanks for reminding me that I should do it for us.
I have a nice collection of Santas too.
Warmest regards,

Hermione Agee said...

I love all your decorations and I especially love the photos and stories of Christmas(s) past. Thank you for sharing :o)

Vickie said...

I feel the blah's when it comes to putting up decorations-I just have some festive runners and ornamnets that come out,I know when we are closer to the kids it will be different..Thank you for sharing your past photo's-you stunner you- such special moments,cheers Vickie

AnitaS said...

I love your story. I need to decorate for christmas because in this part of the world it is so cold and dark outside. So you need the lights inside.

Fiesta said...

Beautiful memories Sheila. Thank you for sharing them.

Ozjane said...

I totally blame you and Susan dear for my sitting here at 8 am in the morning waiting for cleaners....who are late but are to help me pack up goodies from the shelves and polish said shelves to bring out the Christmas decorations that I used to hate. I was seduced by blue balls last week and got a whole lot more at half the price at Woolworths yesterday which seems to be the only store that has this color blue, so this year the white tree will be trimmed with deep royal blue. Oh dear I Hope it works. I have two shelves already decorated, a wreath on the door and I blame the bloggers and this encouragement to decorate for Christmas. But when I wake up properly and when the cleaners come...I am sure it will all be a breeze. Ha Ha.

And now what do I do with a tree full of red baubles from last year.
I did see a lovely silver tree somewhere but where will it go...and can you imagine a black/brown cat on top of a white Christmas tree?

Molly said...

What a handsome pair you make....and such adorable, happy children!

Elaine Adair said...

Seems like yesterday, doesn't it? wow, where did those years/decades go???

I'm so sorry you're having issues with your quilt. Perhaps, when you pull it out again, if you drew a picture of the RIGHT way and kept that in front of you? or ... just remember it's "Not the Quilt Police" and put it together - actually, you might have an entirely new design, better than before! I used my wrong cuts as a table runner - worked just fine. 8-))

retdairyqueen said...

Memories are so special Hang on to them
Memories are all I have now and I wont let them go
Dont feel much like decorating but I suppose I will