Monday, November 07, 2011


The Scot ponders ... why do I like to go shopping on my own.   Since his retirement it has become a bad habit that we do our supermarket shopping on Monday.  I usually print out a shopping list The Scot scours and misses out all the items we need, and we try to shop before lunch.   But he NEVER wants to look, especially now that it is coming up for Christmas.   So I have my ways and means ..... I usually have some small task that needs doing maybe the Newsagent or the Post Office or like today I was looking for a special kind of keyring without the fancy doodah.  Which I suggest I go by myself and he can start the supermarket, trying to convey the idea that it is important for him to choose.

This morning it was the Reject Shop.   Well its not strictly speaking Rejects but cheaper items.

I know I know ...... I don't need any more but the prices were right

Santa Light for the Patio Table

Ceramic Coasters for the Patio Table

A pen with chocolates in the base .... Stocking Filler for The Scot.

And I didn't manage to find the keyring.   But the above are now safely hidden away in the Christmas Cupboard.

The afternoon was spent sewing the Not the Quilt Police Quilt.   Progress so far.  I should have learnt my lesson by now.   Asked Himself what he thought (because I am so pleased with how it is coming along) and he says ummmm   "don't really like it".     durrrrrr    wait until its finished and the cold weather returns maybe I will just put it on my half of the bed.   That will teach him.

This is the Seasons Postcard received from Isabell in England.   She really is the Professional of the Group.  Isn't it fantastic. 


retdairyqueen said...

Well I like it even if the Scot doesn't
You are a bit naughty arent you?

AnitaS said...

I line to buy christmas items too. My DH says always that I have enough. I love your blocks. This is on my list too.

Jules said...

Oh birdy - you have me giggling... wicked woman that you are! In a nice way of course! The santa light is lovely - very jolly and when lit with his t-light his tummy should glow beautifully.
I just adore your new Not the Quilt Police quilt. It is thoughtfully laid out and very cheery. Very misty and drizzly today. Time to draw the curtains - oh gosh.. it is only 3-30pm... bit early maybe..