Friday, November 11, 2011


Today was one of those days when I couldn't quite make up my mind what to do.
The sewing was calling, but I think I have to change one of the strips.
This is the one block I have stitched

and this is one I prepared earlier (NOT SEWN just MANIPULATED in PHOTOIMPACT.

The reason for the manipulation was that I used Photoimpact to create what my quilt would approximately look like

and I found the light green just jumped out at me saying .. not me, not me, please not me.

Please note: I have NOT STITCH all these blocks just manipulated them on the computer.

So I felt I need time to think about it. 
The gardening won.   The Scot was off to Bunnings (remember the HUGE DIY warehouse) and I managed to get a lift, 
Yes I was after a few plants.   And if  The Scot is buying timber on my MasterCard (long story but if he has a 2nd card on mine we don't pay the Annual fee)  I was going to buy some plants.

Of course on the way out we saw a Fly Catcher.   Now we are not plagued by flies but do get the odd couple annoying us.   So for the princely sum of $10 it was considered a good buy.

This is what it looks like.    The green liquid comes as a powder which is mixed with 1/2 cup of water and shaken not stirred.  It says it has a life of 2 to 3 weeks before being renewed.  Although the dead flies  do have to be removed or they smell.

The instructions state it takes 24 hours to be come active.

But I couldn't resist checking before I came in to get the tea


THREE trapped flies.  We now have to go buy another one tomorrow for the Scot to use near his fruit trees.

The reason we really went to Bunnings was for the Scot to purchase timber.

I will let the pictures do the talking as to why

and what is he making.    A Cool Storage Box for the vegetables to go in to be placed underneath the water tank.

Whilst all this was going I was busy in the garden

Note my judicious pruning.   The Scot says he dreads it when he see me with secateurs in my hands.   The Lemon Verbena always needs pruning and comes back even more healthy.   Not too sure about the other plant. 

Can you see the new tablecloth and seat covers I made.

I have this Old Wives Tale that Parsley only grows for The Boss.    So this time I planted it in my pot and went to the shed shouting .... I'm the Boss.   But I guess time will tell.

Today being Remembrance Day.  A few quiet moments were spent in reflection.   Although I never knew them,   Father lost a brother and Mother also.    Being a Pommie Aussie I am thankful for  all the brave sacrifices made by many nations to enable me to live my life 'free'


AnitaS said...

I love your garden. It looks great with all the flowers. I want to sit there.

Elaine Adair said...

sewn or photo-manipulated, it's looking luscious!!!! I agree abut the green - in that layout it's not so friendly. You will figure it out, and I KNOW it will be gorgeous.

Your garden, sitting area, looks so inviting! 8-))

Jules said...

ooooo - birdy... all looking ABSOLUTLY GREAT! Gardening, sewing - everything. Oh yes, amusing blog as well - love