Sunday, November 06, 2011


I am using my back as a reason to tell The Scot I can't do the housework this week.   But he doesn't seem to give me much TLC as he says I spent all day yesterday standing cutting fabric into strips only to spend today sewing it together again.   Men they just don't understand do they?

Anxious to see what it is going to look like I am stitching 10 blocks of my relocated Cabins quilt, which from now on will be called   Not the Quilt Police.   Another thing The Scot doesn't understand is my mind and how I name my quilts.

I like how its looking so far, but there is green to be added on the dark side.

oh and did I tell you I luv my Kindle, it has been great to listen to whilst doing all that cutting.   The last two books I read.

Ghost Light" by Joseph O'Connor ..... now this was recommended by my good friend Molly.   If it had been any one else I think I would have given up on it.   But no Molly said so   I persevered.     It took me quite a while to get into it but I think by the end I had the plot.   But it definitely must be read again for me to fully appreciate it.  It is read in the Irish Brogue and I just imagine that it what Molly sounds like.

Then I read Night by Elie Wiesel.  I had this book on my wish list for quite a while but as I do get upset by some books I hadn't purchased it.    I don't like to comment on Religious or Political Affairs on my blog, but I am glad I did read this book.   It left me quite cold sometimes but

I am glad I read it.  If interested

Molly now suggests I read Run by Ann Patchet.

Any one else like to recommend books for me.  You too Molly.

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