Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And HE thinks he is busy ..... but he really is only playing
goodness me can you imagine THREE Scots.  I shudder in my boots to think of such a thing.

Another lovely day, but the dice rolled for              sewing      I have been back to stitching the "Not The Quilt Police" quilt.  You remember I didn't like the light green strip.  I found one that fitted in well, after a lot of ribbitting (unpicking for the uninitiated).

I think this will look much better, whilst the light green was a lovely fabric it did keep jumping out.

Back to the garden
the hydrangea has more buds on this year and will look a picture when in flower.

And this is my Mystery Plant, which Betsy thinks is a Lily.  I do hope it flowers every year.  I have no idea where it came from.

The Water Lily is looking good too.

I mowed the lawns for The Scot yesterday, as I know he was keen to get into his playroom.   And I told him provided he trimmed the edges, made sure the lawn mower was full of petrol, I was happy to do it.

The front looks so much better than when we had that old hedge.

But we do have a Power Pole.  

No 21  ........45 years old but with makeovers lol.

My Christmas Stitchery is slowing coming along but I think it will look great when finished.
I do like the white on the dark green.   The old fashioned Christmas Colours are getting hard to find but I think I prefer them.

And Postie left me The Naked Theme from Thea.   We really have some outstanding ladies in the 4x6ers Swap Group.


AnitaS said...

Your stitcherie look very nice in green and white. And I know you love your Scot and are very happy with him.

retdairyqueen said...

I was just looking at Dis Quilting and Craft blog and she has a flower that looks to me like your ystery flower She called it a November lily

Molly said...

I like your mystery plant! How did you like "Night?"

Ozjane said...

I wonder if the mystery is a type of Belladonna. Does it come from nothing and then start with that wide leaf? Now I have said Belladonna I suspect I meant Hippiastram.
That back leaf reminds me of mine but mine are still at 7" high leaf stage.
Have planted a prunus elvins in my front garden which is going to help shade the hydrangea which should save them wilting in the heat. They are back to mid window height outside my bedroom window and in one of the storms the drain overflowed to give them a wonderful watering. I have a heap that I struck and must get planted down the narrow side (jungle) where they should be shady enough to survive well. I purchased an planted a fancy one from Tessellars.White and climbs without supports.

Fiesta said...

Sheila, you are always creating beautiful things. After the season passes, did up the Lily and there should be babies.