Thursday, October 27, 2011


only 59 more sleeps until the Big Day.     Are you getting ready?

Unfortunately due to this ......

which I had better hide quick before The Scot sees it,  I think I had better stop looking in The Christmas Shops.

But this is now ready for the binding to be stitched and three poinsettia flowers to be added.   They are lovely but had a shank type on the back, this I twisted off with the pliers, and then borrowed The Scot's electric hand drill and made two small holes in.   Will show them tomorrow.

And my Postie is speaking to me again, or rather the other way around, because this am he left me the Trees Row for my Robin Rowers Quilt.    Only one more row to go now and that is Hearts.

Most things are in the slow lane at the moment because after my Cat Scan it is revealed that I have a slipped disc.    I was very good and almost held my breath so the photos they got were very good and they can see exactly where it is.   But I have opted to just try and let it take its own course to heal.  

And the weather in Mulgrave is beautiful one day perfect the next .... well at the moment but we shall see what Paul the Weatherman has to say tonight.


What Comes Next? said...

yikes! And as usual, I have so many plans to make for Christmas, and nothing started!
Your stitchery is so cute, and I love your row robin - hard to believe it is almost finished.
Do take care with your back - no risky business for you!

Molly said...

Lovely quilts Birdy---as usual!
Two more good books for you.....
"Run" by Anne Patchett and
"Ghost Light" by Joseph O'Connor.
Hope your back is on the mend!

ButtonMad said...

A lovely quilt - those birdies along the bottom are too sweet.