Sunday, October 23, 2011


A few things to post about today.

The weather is typically 'Melbourne Springtime' at the moment.  Wednesday was beautiful with the temperature hitting 30 degrees and no wind.   But that was soon followed by a cold and wet 3 days with thunderstorms this afternoon.    Electric blanket on 3 every night.  So  some gardening was achieved with a little help from The Scot.  He digging over so I could weed and then plant some new bushes.

The Scot has been keeping out of trouble .... he was trying to raise seedlings with not great results

So in his usual self assured manner it was up to the Library for some books on the subject, down to Bunnings for some equipment and he is now trying out Hydroponics

So its either Watch this space .... or down to Waverley Gardens SC Veggie Shop    :)

which is a bit unfair of me as we are enjoying lots of snow peas and spinach at the moment.

Onto my sewing

Firstly my 1st Christmas Quilt Hanging for 2011, stitched in the evenings and just awaiting quilting and binding.

It was one of those times when The Gods were all on my side.   I just had enough of the burgundy fabric to make the border and have enough for the binding with about a 6inch x 2 inch strip left.

The 4th block for my House Quilt has been put together and I am now doing the embroidery.

This almost got the better of me and landed up in the corner of the room.   But I persevered and I am so glad now.

I can now show you the row I did for the Robin Rowers round robin swap quilt.  

This row is for Cynthia in The States.  Many ideas went through my head but this seemed to fit in with the rows she has received so far.

This is Cynthia's quilt to date.  Just one more row to go and that is 'Hearts'


AnitaS said...

I love the christmas stitching. It is very nice. The row you made is lovely too.

Elaine Adair said...

What is that long thing with the slot in it with the photo of the Scot?

Absolutely NO progress on my end with blog improvements - Hey, I gotta SEW instead! 8-))

Cold snap moving in today. I think today is the end of nice weather, Forecast is mentioning the S word, darn it.

R x R are so much fun! Cute result as well. 8-)

retdairyqueen said...

Love the Christmas Stitcherie
If you have time Could you pop over to my blog and have a look at my Followers thing They have all disapeared and I cant see Followers on any other Blogs either
Thanks in antisipation Hope all is good

Jules said...

At last I am being allowed to comment lol - this has been playing up big time. Sign in as usual then either not able to bring comment box up or I leave a comment but it won't let it 'stick'.
So, fingers crossed..
Lovely blog birdy. The Scot looks busy and determined - it will all happen I am sure and you will get lovely veg. -to go with other lovely veg! lol.
Lovely sewing and beautiful patterns. xxJxx