Thursday, October 06, 2011


at least it has been for the last couple of days.  And I have managed to spend them productively in the garden.

Pruning and weeding  at the front of the house.

Whilst busy this afternoon I managed to make a new friend.  It was really quite funny.   We have a couple of families of Currawongs whom I often see when I go for my walks.   There always seems to be a Mummy a Daddy and a Baby,  I always say hello where is your Mummy etc. 

But whilst weeding the Grevillia bushes this one which I think must be the baby followed me around and came quite close.   I fetched some Native Bird food and found a ceramic low bowl which I filled with water and placed underneath the water tap.  It was almost as if he wanted to be my friend.   Whilst I weeded one bush he wandered down to the next one and started pecking away at the earth.   He followed me whenever I moved.  Unfortunately I didn't have the camera at that stage.

But whilst the tea was cooking I went out to take a photo of the days work, and my new friend waddled up to me (keeping at a distance of about one meter away)  These are the photos I managed.  But tomorrow I will try to get more.

Excitement during the past week was when the neighbour over the back fence had one of his trees chopped down.  This was a beautiful Jacaranda.   He never saw the brilliance of it as it was too close to his house but we saw it in flower every year, and the birds did love the branches.  The first is a photo 'prepared earlier'. and the second the Lumberjack in action.

On the Sewing Front ..... I have almost finished the "Trees" row for the Robin Rowers but can't show you until it is received.   But after a lot of thought and false starts its looking good.


AnitaS said...

It is nice to be outdoors when the sun is hining. I am sad that such a beautiful tree has to go down. I must say autumn is here with storm.

Jules said...

Have just chatted away - only to have the lot disappear again when signing in! grrr..... so in brief.
Shame about lovely tree but maybe neighbours have nice plans.
Your friend is a much larger bird than imagined despite visiting the site you gave. Happy days the pair of you birdie. xxxx

quiltmom said...

Is this bird a chatty one Sheila- I know that we have some birds that are large and called Magpies- They are black with some white feathers and make the most annoying noises at 5 in the morning or when ever the sun wakes them up.
It always feel good when one gets some quilting done. Looking forward to seeing your trees quilt.