Wednesday, October 12, 2011


its only 74 more sleeps until THE Day.  Have you started your shopping or sewing.

I have started sewing presents and planning quilts, whats new.  Its a bit like when the Scot lounges on his chair in the shade in the garden with his eyes closed.   He tells me he is is not sleeping but planning.

Also purchased some fabric for Christmas 'Things"

I seem to have hit a dull spot in the cycle of things since I had that cough, sore throat etc.  I have taken an awful long time to get back to being healthy.  So sewing and gardening have been very hit and miss.  Thank goodness for my kindle, I did tell you how I love my Kindle.  I really enjoy listening to the books, I have listed those read in my right hand column, plus the ones currently being read.  There seems to be a lot of them made into movies or like the No1 Ladies Detective Agency - a mini TV series.  So of course The Scot has to watch to make up for the boring educational tic programmes he makes me sit through.

Also when No1Son was last here, he had bought himself a new Ipad, think it was called that but he asked if I would like the mini shuffle he no longer used for music.  

This clips neatly onto my sleeve and is great for when I am using the computer or out for my walks.
These are my earphones

I call them earphones for folk with funny ears.   The reason being the normal ones kept falling out, whereas these clip neatly around the ear.

Of course I immediately said Yes but for a time did live to regret it as I couldn't switch it on let along load music or listen.   I spent a couple of days and decided it was not for me.   Then at the weekend whilst tidying my desk space I came across it again and decided to give it a go.  I managed to switch it on and change music but for the life of me I couldn't load music.   But with The genius Scots help I downloaded Itunes again and now I can say it works.  Listening to Eva Cassidy and Freddy Mercury at this precise moment.  Bliss.

Whist on my walks I look at all the gardens to give me ideas, and one particularly took my attention.  It had a shrine letterbox  similar to ours and so a project was forming.

Fortunately The Scot was in a helpful mood and did the heavy digging, but this is what we did this morning. 

This is as it was.

and now we have

The replacement Lavender is looking healthy

Of course it is never safe to let me free in 'Bunnings'   the large shed like warehouse where all DIYers, handymen and gardeners go.

Because .  

He is advertised on the packet as   Harold tm Hoot ..... The motion sensor hooting owl that frightens pests.   I only want him to keep the birds away from the patio and fishpond area so I have renamed him Scoops.  And I am going to have to adjust the sensor as it picks up the slightest movement.

What does it do ..... hahaha      his eyes blink and he makes this owl like noise.  Yes batteries are needed.  But if it comes to it, I can always just use him as a statue.   Well he did only cost $19.90.  evbg.


Jules said...

Thought I might have upset you - but see you are still climbing back from being unwell and are obviously very busy catching up. All looking good birdy and I love the little Scoops who has come to join you. He shouldn't eat much! How is your other little friend -the one like our Magpies? You are good to persevere with technology - I still can't get pictures where I would like pictures! The wrong one yes! Lol. Must think Santa season I guess - but still eating Strawberries (June usually - not in October!) Take care - and ENJOY! xxxxx

retdairyqueen said...

Well thanks for the Chhristmas info We can always rely on you for that Ha Ha
Glad to see you are still in the land of the living I was feeling like Jules wondering if I had offended you
Hope you are better soon

Lindi said...

Ah, Sheila, I really don't need the count down yet. lol So much to do before then...
Love Mr Scoops. He's pretty cool.

Ozjane said...

You have prompted me to show my few mini attempts toward THAT DAY!

Sarah said...

It's fun to see you all gearing up for spring when we will soon be putting our gardens to bed.

Mishka said...

I see lots of owls perched on balconies around here to ward off the pigeons. Was shocked to have a few land on my balcony last week, they must be confused by the unusually warm weather we had this Fall.