Thursday, September 01, 2011


woops sorry it was Wednesday when I thought of this post, but it is now actually Thursday the first day of the month.

two hexie flowers this week.   Really must plan the layout soon.

No1 Son has departed to go to his home in Taiwan, but not before reminding me that I had promised to make him 3 Dolphin postcards to hang above his computer.  Photos tomorrow.

And Postie left me a parcel consisting of the Food Row in the Robin Rowers Swap.   
Just on the design wall and will not necessarily be stitched in this order, but it is looking good.

Today has been very quiet for The Scot and I.   The first day for a week as we have had many visitors to our small home.  And I have to admire the Taiwanese because their English is much better than my Taiwanese.
But we had many conversations which we all could understand.   But thank goodness for hands.

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AnitaS said...

The round robin looks very pretty. And you have got a lot of hexies already.