Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Although my Information Technology is not on the ratings list, I think its time I explored new avenues.

Whilst writing my last post on my ‘old blog one of those annoying little messages appeared but this one had to be noticed. Written in red it told me that I could not upload anymore photos or pictures as I had exceeded my limit, Now I have been blogging for quite a few years, well since 15.10.2006 and I have nearly notched up 50,000 visitors, plus the odd 100 before I added the counter.

Many cyberfriends have been made and I have learnt a great deal of IT but not enough, guess I am a bit long in the tooth for too much.

As I consider the most interesting and worthwhile reading blogs HAVE to have photos – I either give up blogging and maybe sew or read more or make a move.
this is one I prepared earlier   australianbirdwoman
 So we will see what transpires.

Meanwhile having deleted some photos from Picasa I managed to recover some space so here is a photo of what I have started recently in an effort to use the ‘stash’ a quilt that shall have no bought, well newly bought fabrics in it.


AnitaS said...

I did not know there was a limit. I still hope you will blog a lot.

Sarah said...

I don't download pics. I have a flickr account and link from there.

Lindi said...

You could always call it Aubirdwoman Two. :)

Jules said...

Picasa is always telling me that my photo storage is full. I deleted a few and yet it came up again the same - I didn't do anything and the message went away only to reappear the next time! I now ignore all dire warnings and the message comes and goes..... Just carry on as usual birdy...