Sunday, September 18, 2011


 when one is having so much fun, and Paul the Weatherman's forecast is right for this weekend .... sunny ...... Spring is here.   Although when I was a child and wanted to stop wearing my 'liberty bodice' ....(I lived in England then) ... Mother would caution  ne'er cast a clout till May be' out  which  simply means 'never discard your [warm winter] clothing until after May.  Which probably means  October in the Southern Hemisphere.

It has been one year since we had the solar panels installed, and despite a few disputes numerous phone calls and they send an amended Account nearly every two weeks,  they seem to have at last sorted out the Billing System..   Since Christmas we have paid for no electricity and we are $360 in credit.  Admittedly it will take about 7 years to pay for itself, but electricity prices are going to rise and it is nice to receive a credit bill instead of a debit one.

After turning up sheer net curtains and sending to No1Son.    I don't really 'do' curtains or dressmaking or buttons.  Its nice to get back to sensible sewing like patchwork.

I can now show you the last postcards I sent.   The theme was "Naked"  and this is how I interpreted it.

The Emperor's New Clothes

I did have fun making them and I think they depict the theme very well.   I won't go into the details about the arguments discussions I had with The Scot about body parts.  He thought I should make underpants for them.      drrrrr no imagination that Scot of mine.

This is the PostCard received from Isabell in England.  She is the very artistic and clever needlewoman of the group.

Unadorned  from a quote by Ray Thompson circa 1861
"Beauty when unadorned is adorned the most:"

and she sent it 'naked' (without and envelope) though the mail.   And would you believe the stamp fell off just as I put it down on my desk.

oh and did I tell you how I luv my Kindle ... the last three books I have read were ***** thats meant to be Five Stars.   I judge my books by how much I think about them after I have finished reading, either part way or at the end.   These had me thinking for quite a few days.

How do I choose my books.   I do like recommendations, especially from my cyberfriend Molllybawn.   But I usually read the publishers review and then the comments made by readers. 

I am starting to read The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  This is one that I choose by the later.


Jules said...

I have absolutly no idea what is happening here but I posted a comment again and once more a phone number requested! Then the post had disappeared! I was cross with it and tried again - just would not respond. Closed everything down and there was a blank LEAVE YOUR COMMENT... I typed the above and it stuck! So here goes again, if I can remember...

Winter draws (drawers) on here or in other words, get your warm bloomers, knicker-bockers, pants, on.. Your mention of liberty bodices brought memories flooding back birdy. brrrr... Rubber buttons on them too for the thick long stockings. Gosh, we really needed to dress warmly then, very little heating in the home. Ahhh..
Your 'naked postcards' are good and so is the reading habit. Enjoy your seasons - lovely.. xxx

Molly said...

Well I think the Emperor should be wearing a kilt. I'm sure the Scot would agree with me!
I just finished "The Elegance of The Hedgehog." It took me a while to get my teeth into it, but when I did I loved it!

Lindi said...

Your Emperor idea is very clever! I think he looks grand just as he is. :)
Loving my kindle, too. Currently reading Earthly Delights. Light, but humerous, which suits me at the moment, after just reading The Outlander (which I loved, though some don't) and Caleb's Crossing (highly recommended. Must get The Forgotten Garden. :)

Julie said...

So long since I've left a comment on your blog.....great to hear you are enjoying your Kindle, may I recommend A Scattered Life, by someone I can't remember??? Sorry! I actually left my first review on Amazon, I enjoyed it so much!
Your post cards are very clever, I love them sans undies!

retdairyqueen said...

Love your Naked postcards Very creative
Are you gunna talk to me ever again?