Sunday, September 04, 2011


When I took this photo it was looking to be a lovely Spring Day

but it is now raining.  Ah well showers bring forth the flowers.

And after a big effort I have finished the Dolphins for No1 Son

I do hope he likes them.   He is renting so is not able to put up many hooks.  The Scot cast his critical "Engineering" eye and said he doesn't like the different colours around the edge (don't think he knows about variegated threads) the gaps between are not exact and the ribbon should be double.

So if I go by what he says they get thrown across the room into the bin or I just ignore it and hope No1Son likes them.  Watch this space.


Lindi said...

Well, I love them! No1 Son is sure to, too. :)

AnitaS said...

I think they are verry pretty and your son will love them. Here autumn started after a not existing summer.

Sarah said...

Hmmmm that dolphin pattern looks familiar! :)

Jules said...

Weird - just been all round the houses to post a comment and it has gone - so am trying again - just to say hi birdy, will send e-mail. Great Dolphin postcards. xxxx