Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I wandered lonely as a cloud

Daffodils bringing a little sunshine to Winter.

The hanging baskets, faithfully looked after by The Scot are starting to look very nice

As is the fishpond area.  The gorgeous Clivia are just starting to flower, they make a beautiful sunny sight in Winter.  

this makes me think that Summer is just around the corner.

I am almost back to shouting at The Scot, and thankfully eggs and toast are not on the menu this week as I am back to cooking.

Finally managed to finish the postcard for the 4x6ers swap.   This Theme really had me stumped, so many ideas but nothing seemed to work, then I got rather sick so unfortunately I am a couple of weeks late but here is a sneak view,I will post a full reveal when they have been received.

No1 Son is visiting from Taiwan and although not staying with us he seems to visit a lot.  I think the internet has something to do with it.   This is how he spent Sunday morning.


Sarah said...

What a treat to see daffodils in August!

Jules said...

Oh WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes until I called hubby to see... Then I remembered....... Ah your Spring is our Autumn. Hey ho... Very cheery and they have multiplied.. The fish look good and in fact everywhere looks cheery. And - hang on - it is NOT Autumn yet here in UK. Still Summer.... Lol.

TP is looking well settled, your internet is very useful... lol again... Love and hugs, Jules.x