Thursday, August 18, 2011


on the past 13 days.  
Well sleeping and flicking through the TV channels.  What a load of rubbish during the daytime.  Although that said I did find a movie about Nancy Wake The White Mouse and her work with the French Resistance during WW2, which was very interesting.    But I don't think I will become a daytime TV viewer now that my cough and cold are clearing, more interesting things to do.

I think Postie was afraid of catching something as I had virtually no mail during that time where as this week all my parcels seem to be arriving.  A lovely scarf, a fabulous book mark for Sisters Day from two of my sisters, and two books I had bought  Doodle-stitching and Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection.  Fabulous books and one even has a DVD with it.

And then there are .......


You remember the 'Buildings' theme.   This is what I received from Betsy.  I immediately thought .... ah rich Arab's tents in the desert.  But Betsy insisted wrote on the back "Pyramids of Giza"  but I insisted they were tents.

This month is 'Free Choice and this glamorous lady arrived.

together with a note saying

This is what you can wear when you meet up with your tall dark handsome Rich Arab in your tent in the desert.

Now you know what a fun group this is.

No1 Son  is visiting (although not actually staying with us) from Taiwan, so it is good to catch up on his news.


Betsy Lynn said...

Happy you like my cards!
I bought both of those doodle books too!

Molly said...

Sorry Birdy, they look like pyramids to me!

AnitaS said...

Lovely cards. Nice that you feel better again.

retdairyqueen said...

I have been worrying about where you have been

Jules said...

I think you should stop taking those pills! They are making you far too cheeky! Lovely post birdy and pleased you are better.

What Comes Next? said...

glad you are feeling better! Daytime TV is terrible anywhere in the world, so glad you don't have to suffer through it any more! I'll have to look up both those books - doodling sounds like fun. Enjoy your visit with your son.

quiltmom said...

Thanks for having the book list on the side- I have just finished two of the books by Julie Klassen _ the lady of Milkweed Manor and the Apothocary's Daughter and have the Silent Governess out from the library. They both were very enjoyable reads - thanks for sharing them.